Sex services Cologne

I am a friendly, soulful and natural girl, and a licensed massage therapist and escort in Cologne, with several years of experience in performing naked oily body-to-body slippery massage, tantric and Nuru massage.

I believe erotic massage should be a two way sensual experience and I always enjoy beeing gently touched and stroked and kissed all around my body, or massaged… so I consider mutual touch a natural part of our time together.

Writing me a message, you will deal personally with me, not an agent. Send me a message by whatsapp (no calling please!) or my email and ask for the meeting!

I normally do my massage completely naked, and I am always pleased to fulfil all your naughty wishes or requests about the program and the time we spend together, so please don’t hesitate to tell me if you have some…

Also, I am a submissive girl, and I am very pleased to play some light bondage games with you, even with roleplays, with your domination and full control over me and the things we do.