Measuring Creativity through a Multi-sided Measurement Approach within Scientific and Artistic Domains

Sergio Agnoli, Giovanni Emanuele Corazza, Mark Runco, Joydeep Bhattacharya

Torrance Center’s First Annual International Creativity Collaborative (ICC) Proceedings


This paper presents the structure and the composition of a newly developed multi-sided test battery for the measurement of creativity within scientific and artistic domains. By evolving and integrating some of the existing procedures for evaluating creativity, this test battery promises to become a full-rounded and comprehensive assessment of creative abilities, encompassing both domain-general and domain-specific components. More specifically, the test battery is designed for the measurement of the two main stages of the creative thinking process: ideation and assessment. The test battery also includes two measures of creative achievement, testing for Pro-C or Big-C Creativity. Both are tuned to represent measures of achievement in the artistic, scientific and everyday creativity domains. Moreover, since creative thinking is not an isolated phenomenon in human behavior, the battery includes the measurement of two constructs, intelligence and personality, both of which are highly relevant for creativity.