Deliverables of the 2nd period

Here you can find the list of the Deliverables of the 2nd period (December 2014 – November 2015)



D2.2_Association between creative performance and creative achievement in the scientific and artistic domain


D3.2_Report on the neural representation of relevance detection based on fMRI experiments

D3.3_Report on the development of a computational platform for studying network properties of creative brain

D3.4 Report on functional correlations and effective interactions from connectivity based on fMRI experiments

D3.5 Report on the relationships between resting state spontaneous brain fluctuations and domain-specific and domain-general creativity

D3.6_Report on what neural correlates are causal to creativity and on the efficacy of non-invasive brain stimulation as a tool to improve different aspects of creativity in a single session


D4.1_HW platform for bio-electrical neuroimaging and stimulation

D4.2_SW libraries for brain imaging algorithms tuned for multiple data sets and report on the validation on ERP



D6.3_Second report on web-site accesses and performed updates

D6.7_Second Report on Dissemination & Exploitation

D6.10_IPR Management Database – First Release

D6.12_Preliminary Exploitation Plan